Does Einstein Bagels Have A Senior Discount?


A container of double-whipped plain shmear from Einstein Bagels.

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Einstein Bros. Bagels offers dozens of bagel varieties for you to try. And although the coronavirus pandemic made introducing new items difficult for this chain, it still enjoys the tremendous popularity it always has!

If you are a frequent visitor at Einstein Bagels, you might be wondering if they have any senior discounts!

Well, there’s no concrete information from Einstein Bagels themselves verifying a nationwide senior discount policy. However, some third-party websites (like this one) claim Einstein Bagels gives 10% discounts for seniors aged 60+, but we weren’t able to verify this.

Your best bet would be to ask for senior discounts at a local Einstein Bros. Bagels. Discounts may vary from location to location.

But even if there are no senior discounts in your area, there still are ways for you to save money with Einstein Bros. Bagels!

If you frequently shop at Amazon, then you’ll be glad to hear that Einstein Bros. Bagels offers Amazon Gift Cards for catering orders over $150. You get:

  • A $10 Gift Card with catering orders of $150 or more.
  • A $20 Gift Card with catering orders of $200 or more.
  • A $50 Gift Card with catering orders of $500 or more.

Aside from that, you may join the Shmear Society to get rewards:

  • Earn 2 points for each spent dollar. You may redeem these points toward food and beverages, e.g. Latte for 120 points or an Egg Sandwich for 185 points.
  • Free Bagel & Shmear for signing up.
  • Free Egg Sandwich for your birthday.
  • Payments via the Einstein Bros. Bagels mobile app.
  • The first look at the latest offers.


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