Does The DreamCloud Mattress Work For Seniors?


Your sleep is going to be only as good as your mattress allows. If you haven’t changed your mattress for years, then you could very well be experiencing poor sleep and body aches as a result….

Well, the DreamCloud memory foam mattress may be the treatment for your sleep issues!

The DreamCloud mattress on a bed.


Is The DreamCloud Mattress A Good Choice For Seniors?

With a firmness score of 6.5 (which DreamCloud calls “Luxury Firm”), the DreamCloud Mattress is a medium-firm mattress. Mattresses with a firmness score of 5 to 7 are generally considered medium-firm [1].

Now, why is this important for seniors? Well, it appears that medium-firm mattresses are beneficial for non-specific low-back pain – that is, back pain that isn’t caused by a known medical condition.

One study found that regularly sleeping on a medium-firm mattress lowered the occurrence of back pain during the day, in the bed, and when rising [1]. In fact, medium-firm mattresses were more effective at treating back pain than firm mattresses.

Another study found that medium-firm innerspring mattresses reduced the occurrence of lower back pain by about 48% and improved sleep quality by 55% [3]. And interestingly, sleep quality and back pain gradually improved over 4 weeks, suggesting that mattresses need time to show their benefits.

The study participants’ beds averaged over 9 years old, so if you have an old mattress, a new high-quality mattress could bring big changes to your sleep quality. Assuming that you choose the right mattress for your needs and preferences, of course.

All in all, if you have chronic back pain that isn’t caused by a medical condition or have poor sleep quality, a medium-firm mattress like the DreamCloud Mattress may work for you.

The Construction & Features Of The DreamCloud Mattress


Optimal firmness isn’t the only thing that the DreamCloud Mattress has to offer.

The DreamCloud Mattress is a memory foam mattress with quite an unusual construction. It is comprised of 5 layers:

  1. A soft cover made with quilted foam and cashmere.
  2. A thin pressure relief layer made with gel memory foam.
  3. A sink-in layer to ensure that you comfortably sink in while still receiving adequate support.
  4. An innerspring layer with individually wrapped coils that adapt to your body.
  5. A base layer to keep all the other layers together.

What’s interesting about this mattress is that it’s a hybrid of traditional innerspring and memory foam mattresses. DreamCloud advertises that this approach allows for the following benefits:

  • You don’t feel the movements of your partner. This is thanks to the individually wrapped coils that don’t transfer vibration, as well as the foam layer that dampens shock.
  • You don’t overheat in sleep – the coils are claimed to promote airflow through the mattress, while the gel memory foam and the cover are designed to disperse body heat.
  • Conforming to your body, the gel memory foam relieves your body’s pressure points.

A demonstration of how the DreamCloud mattress supports the body of a person.

There is also the DreamCloud Premier Mattress with 6 layers. The layers are as follows:

  1. Ultra-soft and breathable Mongolian cashmere.
  2. High-loft, breathable memory foam.
  3. High-density gel memory foam to relieve pressure points.
  4. Low-motion transfer foam to dampen your partner’s movements.
  5. Individually encased coils for better edge support.
  6. Porous foam base to promote air circulation and dampen the coil system’s vibrations.

The layers of the DreamCloud Premier mattress.

The Premier mattress is more expensive, but it appears to be better in terms of breathability, vibration dampening, and overall support.

Both mattresses meet CertiPUR-US standards and are free of PBDEs, mercury, lead, heavy metals, formaldehyde, and other harmful substances.

Should You Get The DreamCloud Mattress?

Sleeping comfort is very subjective, so you won’t know if the DreamCloud Mattress is for you until you try it!

If you do have the budget for this mattress, then consider giving it a shot. DreamCloud offers a 365-day return policy – if you don’t like the mattress within this time frame, you’ll get your money back. 365 days should be more than enough for testing this mattress!

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