Dr. Steve Sudell’s ‘Neck Hammock’ [Special Discount]


Neck pain is among the four most common types of pain. Annually, over 30% of US adults experience neck pain, and nearly 50% experience chronic neck pain on a regular basis.[1[ With similar numbers in the rest of the world, neck pain is clearly a significant problem.

That’s where The Neck Hammock comes in!

Dr Steve Sudell's Neck Hammock device
Closeup of The Neck Hammock.

Often, treatment of neck conditions and alleviating neck pain can require ongoing appointments and thousands of dollars from your pocket. But the FDA-approved Neck Hammock from Dr. Steve Sudell promises to be a wallet-friendly way to treat neck pain at home.

In fact, millions of people have now used it to treat their neck pain from the comfort of their own home!


Who Is Steve Sudell?

Dr. Steve Sudell supervising a patient using the Neck Hammock.
Demonstration of The Neck Hammock.

In 2018, Forbes had a wonderful article on the Neck Hammock that- among other things- gave background information about Dr. Steve Sudell – a physical therapist from Venice Beach, California, and the creator of the Neck Hammock device[2].

It was Dr. Sudell’s first-hand experience with neck pain that prompted him to design the Neck Hammock. Sudell had suffered a neck injury playing football in college – and the consequences of this injury in the form of pain would haunt him for years.

Sudell knew perfectly well how difficult neck pain is to treat, and he was frustrated that he couldn’t find a good at-home neck traction device.

Then, after further hurting his neck while working out one day, Dr. Sudell realized that he had had enough.

In early 2016, Sudell created his own makeshift neck traction device using materials and tools at hand. This prototype of the Neck Hammock was much like the final product – a sling-like device intended to be hung from a railing or a doorknob.

It took the device about 10 minutes to give Sudell the much-needed relief from neck pain.

Over the next year and a half, Sudell worked with an industrial designer to come up with the ultimate form of his original neck traction device – The Neck Hammock.

The Neck Hammock was made available to the public in October 2017. Within just a year, Dr. Sudell’s invention done just over $3 million in sales – a remarkable achievement for a brand new business.

Dr Steve Sudell
Dr. Steve Sudell – inventor of The Neck Hammock.

Steve Sudell’s journey hasn’t been easy though.

He had to work hard to keep his physical therapy practice running while also starting the Neck Hammock business, helping his local patients while also seeking to help millions more with his invention.

In addition, his younger sister was diagnosed with leukemia – and working on the Neck Hammock let Sudell alleviate the sense of helplessness he felt during her sickness.

In his own words:

“I remember her sitting in a hospital room, going through pain I could do nothing about—but there were others I could help.”

And indeed, the Neck Hammock would end up allowing Dr. Sudell to help patients on a massive scale, from all over the world and with all types of neck pain.

Dr Steve Sudell explaining The Neck Hammock
Dr. Sudell explaining the origin of The Neck Hammock.


How Does The Neck Hammock Work?


The Neck Hammock is based on cervical traction.

Cervical traction pulls your head away from the body to eliminate compression and treat neck pain [3].

It is a popular alternative to medication or surgical intervention thanks to its simplicity.

Illustration of how the Neck Hammock affects the neck.
Diagram of cervical traction.

Generally, cervical traction is used to:

  • Relax the neck muscles to relieve pain, stiffness, and increase flexibility.
  • Treat and flatten bulging or herniated discs.
  • Alleviate pain from joints, spasms, and sprains.
  • Treat neck injuries, cervical spondylosis, and pinched nerves.

And as research has demonstrated [3], this treatment is indeed effective at alleviating the symptoms of neck conditions.

A 2014 study compared the effectiveness of 3 routines to treat cervical radiculopathy (commonly called “pinched nerve”):

  • Exercise and mechanical traction with a professional traction table.
  • Exercise and traction with at-home over-door traction devices (like the Neck Hammock).
  • Only exercise.

Over-door traction + exercise was found to be much more effective at treating neck pain than exercise.

Mechanical traction with a professional traction table + exercise was also found to be more effective than over-door traction + exercise. But this isn’t at all surprising since there’s no way a home cervical traction device can compare with a full-size unit that costs thousands of dollars.

Additionally, a 2017 meta-analysis of multiple studies found that cervical traction considerably reduced neck pain immediately after treatment. Pain was also reduced during the follow-up period to cervical traction.

All in all, when it comes to at-home treatment, cervical traction devices like the Neck Hammock can be an excellent investment. They perhaps won’t compare with extremely expensive in-office tools, but they don’t require you to schedule an appointment or spend money on expensive treatment.

With that, the Neck Hammock appears to perfectly perform the role it has been created for – allow patients to have treatment at home, without having to shell out thousands of dollars in the process.


How Do You Use The Neck Hammock?

Illustration of how the Neck Hammock affects the neck.
Image explaining the science behind The Neck Hammock.

The Neck Hammock is intended to be hung from a door, rail, or any other point that is secure enough to hold you. Once the Neck Hammock is in place, you lie down on your back, put your head onto the hammock area of the device, and hold your position for 10-15 minutes.

You may adjust the amount of stretch that goes into your neck by sliding toward or away from the Hammock’s attachment point.

The Neck Hammock is a very simple device and may be used anywhere as long as there is enough floor space to lie comfortably and if you can securely attach it to something.




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