Dollar General Facts + FAQ’s (Everything You Need To Know)


Dollar General's weekly ad.

Dollar General is one of the most famous “Dollar Stores” in the US.

We wrote about interesting facts surrounding all Dollar Stores in this article, but in today’s breakdown we are going to answer common questions about Dollar General specifically.

So read below to find out all the most common Dollar General FAQ’s!

Does Everything At Dollar General Really Cost A Dollar?

Many of the goods sold at Dollar General are actually priced at over a dollar, so this store chain isn’t quite as affordable as the likes of Dollar Tree, which stays truer to its ‘Dollar Store’ designation.

As a result, if you prefer to shop at DG, you may need to increase your shopping budget. However, you can somewhat offset the increased costs through DG promotions!

Read on to find out how you can ease the impact of Dollar General prices on your wallet!

How Do I Save Money At Dollar General?

Savings avenues at DG include:

  • Digital or print-at-home coupons.
  • DG Rewards.
  • Deals from the weekly ad, mobile alerts, or DG emails.

Some of the ways to save with DG are listed on the store’s website.

To get started with mobile and email alerts, you will need to sign up for them.

To have a look at weekly ad deals, click on this link to visit the Dollar General website. You will be asked to enter your ZIP code to be able to locate a nearby store and view its weekly ad.

If you want to have a look at printable coupons, go here.

As for digital coupons and DG Rewards, we are going to have a look at these ways to save more in-depth below.

Does Dollar General Have A Senior Discount?

Dollar General does not have senior discount policies, though you should ask at your local store to make sure. There are many other ways to save, fortunately – find out more below!

How Do You Use Digital Coupons At Dollar General?

DG digital coupons.

First and foremost, if you don’t already have a DG account, you will need to create one.

Once you are logged in to your DG account, go to the digital coupon webpage. There, have a look at available coupons and add the ones that interest you to your account. You may add as many coupons to your account as you want.

Digital coupons on your account are automatically applied at checkout when you purchase an eligible item and enter your phone number for authentication.

For more detailed instructions, visit the help webpage of the DG coupon center and consult the FAQ section at the bottom of the page.

How Do You Get $5 Off $25 At Dollar General?

The "$5 off $25" coupon at Dollar General.

The “spend $25, get $5 off” deal at Dollar General works through digital coupons. You need to add the coupon to your DG account and make a purchase of $25 or more (pretax) to receive a discount.

Note that “save $5” coupons are typically only valid on Saturdays. However, DG usually lists them on its website early in the week, so you should have no issues with securing the deal.

What Is The Best Day To Shop At Dollar General?

For most, Saturday is going to be the best day for shopping at DG, the reason being the “$5 off $25” coupons. But remember that you need to add the coupon to your account beforehand.

With that said, depending on the digital coupons you have on your DG account and on the ongoing weekly sales, any day of the week at DG could be a pocket-friendly experience. So if you want to maximize your savings, you may need to strategize a bit.

Can You Use Printed Coupons At Dollar General?

Yes, Dollar General does accept printed manufacturer coupons, but they have to meet certain criteria to be accepted. These are listed in the DG coupon policy.

Among other things, coupons must be original (photocopies are not accepted), must have a visible and valid expiration date, and must have a scannable barcode. DG doesn’t accept coupons from other retailers.

DG allows you to stack coupons in certain cases. For example, you may stack one manufacturer coupon and one DG coupon per transaction (unless otherwise noted on the coupons). You can’t stack two or more manufacturer coupons.

You may also stack two or more DG coupons unless the coupon’s promotional art states that stacking isn’t allowed.

Can You Use Expired Coupons At Dollar General?

No, Dollar General doesn’t accept expired coupons. All coupons must have a valid expiration date to be accepted at DG.

Does Dollar General Do Cashback?

DG Rewards list.

There is sort of a cashback program at Dollar General – it’s called DG Rewards.

Basically, DG Rewards has a number of rewards “programs” that you need to enroll in. In this sense, DG Rewards works like digital coupons. You again need an account to be able to sign in.

Each “program” has its own terms and reward amounts, which you need to read carefully. As an example, one of the Rewards available as of early July 2021 gave you $7 in rewards for buying $35 on Good N Fun and Dream Bone Products. This $7 could be spent toward future purchases of Good N Fun and Dream Bone Products.

Rewards “programs” differ in their minimum purchase requirements, reward amounts, and eligible products. Read the Rewards descriptions to know what you are dealing with.

Can You Shop At Dollar General Online?

Yes, you can shop at DG online. You don’t need a Dollar General account to place online orders, though without an account, you won’t be able to benefit from DG Rewards or digital coupons.

Note that DG only ships on business days, which may be inconvenient for some people.

For more in-depth information about online purchases with Dollar General, consult this webpage.

Which Is Cheaper – Dollar General Or Family Dollar?

According to a May 2019 review by the Cincinnati-based WCPO station, Dollar General is more expensive than Dollar Tree and Family Dollar, but it has a wider selection of products. This conclusion was based on stores in Newport’s upper Monmouth Street shopping district.

Business Insider came to more or less the same conclusion in December 2019, but they had a look at Family Dollar and DG locations in Brooklyn, New York, and a Dollar Tree location in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Dollar General was overall more expensive, with many of the items priced over $1. Dollar Tree and Family Dollar, in contrast, were generally true to their name, offering the vast majority of their goods for a dollar.

However, Business Insider pointed out that the DG they visited was tidier and more organized than Dollar Tree and Family Dollar. The latter two were a complete mess, with chaotic product displays and boxes obstructing walking space.

What Is The Dollar General Penny List?

The “penny list” comprises heavily discounted clearance items that are supposed to be removed from DG stores to free up space for new products. These items are sold for 1 penny, hence the name “penny list.”

Employees sometimes don’t manage to pull penny items off the shelf in time. If you do come across a penny item, you will be allowed to buy it after it is validated. After a penny item rings at checkout, employees are required to remove remaining items of the same type from the store.

Does Dollar General Take Wic?

Some reports state that Dollar General reportedly doesn’t accept WIC benefits, though it appears this varies by location, as other reports indicate certain Dollar Generals DO take Wic. As a result, you should ask at your local DG to confirm whether or not they take Wic.

Other Interesting Facts About Dollar General

It appears that Dollar General is attempting to specialize in serving rural communities.

Here is a video from the Wall Street Journal on the subject:

Dollar General has been covered by The Deal Guy.

Check out his video on it here:



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