Can The Revolutionary New Dodow Sleep Device Really Cure Insomnia?


The Dodow sleep device and an alarm clock.

About 30% of American adults suffer from short-term sleep problems, while 10% have chronic insomnia [1].

In many cases, slow breathing may be able to help you considerably improve your sleep. But if you’ve ever tried breathing techniques, you know how difficult it can be to do them consistently.

Dodow is designed to help you relax via its set of rhythmic LED lights. Featured on CNN [2], this sleep device seems very promising. But would it be the right investment for you?

How Does The Dodow Sleep Device Work?

The Dodow Sleep device features a set of LEDs that emit small amounts of blue light. Although blue light is known to disrupt sleep when in the form of television or computer screens, Dodow advertises that it’s LEDs aren’t strong enough to interfere with sleep and function in a different manner.

The rhythmic light pulsates, to guide your breathing and reduce it down to 6 breaths per minute. You simply breathe in when the halo grows and breathe out when the halo shrinks.

Instructions for how to use Dodow.

Dodow makes use of ancient breathing techniques practiced by Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain yogis. These techniques are intended to help you repel stressful thoughts and relax the body. Dodow prompts you to concentrate on your breathing via its soft, pulsating light, thus relaxing your mind and preparing you for sleep.

The Dodow sleep device has two sleep cycles – 8 and 20 minutes – as well as several brightness settings. You may dim or brighten the light via the touch-sensitive surface of the device. The light is dim enough not to disturb your partner’s sleep, according to the Dodow website.

A person using the touch control panel of Dodow.

Battery-operated, Dodow may be used anywhere as well. It’s travel-friendly and won’t occupy too much space in your luggage thanks to its compact design.

Research shows that slow breathing can indeed be effective at improving sleep quality[3], and at this point over 500,000 Dodow customers have found help with it. Breathing techniques need to be studied more in-depth for definite conclusions, but so far, they do appear to be effective at improving sleep in many cases.

How Fast Do You Fall Asleep With Dodow?

According to the Dodow website, tests have shown that most people fall asleep within the 20-minute light cycle. With time, some people may start falling asleep within 8 minutes. Dodow claims that users of the sleep device fall asleep up to 2.5 times faster on average.

Does Dodow Have Any Money-Back Guarantees?

Dodow offers quite a generous 100-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t see the desired results with Dodow, then you could get a refund within this time frame.

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