Is There A DirecTV Senior Discount?


Is there a DirecTV senior discount?

Is There A DirecTV Senior Discount?

DirecTV doesn’t appear to have a senior discount program, although in some cases, seniors may be able to get discounted fees. One senior subscriber shared on the AT&T forum that they had been provided with a discounted annual fee after explaining their situation to customer service. So in special circumstances, AT&T may be willing to discount DirecTV fees.

However, unlike basic services like phone or internet, TV isn’t covered by low-income programs in many places. AT&T provides phone and internet services at a discount to customers who are eligible for Lifeline Program benefits. Communications aside, there’s also the LIHEAP program for energy assistance. DirecTV doesn’t appear to be covered by similar programs.

How Can You Save With DirecTV?

DirecTV offers good savings when combined with AT&T internet.

Perhaps the best way to save with DirecTV is bundling the service with AT&T internet. AT&T advertises that a DirecTV + AT&T internet combo can save you $10 per month and $120 a year. Terms apply, of course – make sure to read the fine print before jumping onto any plans.

You could also make use of the deals currently offered by AT&T. At the moment of this post’s writing, DirecTV packages came with the 2020-21 NBA League Pass, 12 months of HBO Max, as well as 3 months of Cinemax, SHOWTIME, STARZ, and EPIX.

By the time you read this guide, these add-ons may already be replaced with others, so act fast.

You may also sign for AutoPay to get a $5 discount on your monthly bill. With AutoPay, you can automatically pay for your DirecTV package by your bank account, debit card, or credit card.

Additionally, keep in mind that package fees increase after the first 12 months. Once you are near the end of your first year, you may either switch providers or try to get a deal with AT&T.

If you call AT&T and tell them that you’ve decided to ditch DirecTV for a cheaper service, you may be able to get some extra dollars off your monthly bill. This may work whether you are really going to switch providers or not.

Ideally, you should try to renegotiate your rate near the end of your current agreement. DirecTV has a $20 early termination fee for each month remaining on the agreement. If you do end up canceling your subscription, don’t cancel it too soon.

Make sure to call to cancel early – typically, disconnect dates can only be scheduled 2 weeks out. Check your agreement if you aren’t sure.

Also, try to understand each of the available packages. One good guide is the video below, though keep in mind that available packages may change as time goes on.



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