Does Diabetes Freedom Work? (Is It A Scam Or Legit?)


Diabetes Freedom is an ebook + video course that claims to help buyers reverse type 2 diabetes without exercise and the use of medicine.

The homepage of Diabetes Freedom.

At first glance, this may sound too good to be true, but Diabetes Freedom actually seems to be built on credible scientific and medical concepts.

But does this mean that the program will help you treat diabetes and allow you to live a normal, symptom-free life? You’ll find answers to these and some other questions below!

What Is The Diabetes Freedom Program?

Diabetes Freedom editions.

The Diabetes Freedom program is aimed to help readers reverse type 2 diabetes through diet.

According to the program’s VSL (video sales letter), Diabetes Freedom has three components:

  1. A 2-month nutrition plan.
  2. 7 metabolic rules for brown fat boosting.
  3. Meal-timing tricks to help you keep weight and blood sugar under control.

Ultimately, Diabetes Freedom claims that buyers will be able to not only reverse type 2 diabetes but also lose body fat without exercise.

To achieve its goals, Diabetes Freedom is focused on helping readers reduce the level of ceramides in their blood.

According to the program’s VSL, an elevated level of ceramides is the primary cause of type 2 diabetes. Ceramides force fat cells into the bloodstream, clogging vital organs, including but not limited to the pancreas (the organ that produces insulin), the liver, and the heart.

Note that this is a simplified explanation of how ceramides work (more on that later).

When clogged, the pancreas can’t adequately produce insulin. And since insulin is the hormone responsible for converting blood sugar into energy, its deficiency causes a jump in blood sugar levels. Eventually, this leads to type 2 diabetes.

The fat cells can clog arteries as well, which, according to the VSL, explains the high risk of a heart attack in people with diabetes.

Also, the VSL states that chemicals used in food processing can make certain foods – like kale in the US – dangerous for consumption.

The VSL adds that exercise and losing weight helps somewhat, but exercise alone can’t deal with ceramides.

Instead, the VSL claims that consumption of food rich in phytonutrients like flavonoids, lignans, and prophenylphenols is the solution to type 2 diabetes. These nutrients can be found in:

  • Flavonoids – celery, parsley, and romaine lettuce.
  • Lignans – squash and carrots.
  • Prophenylphenols – chives, grapes, cinnamon, and dark chocolate.

Next, the VSL adds that one needs to consume these foods “in specific amounts” and “at certain times” for them to work. This is necessary to “create a powerful catalytic effect and increase their potency”, which ultimately leads to the reversal of type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes Freedom is advertised to provide in-depth insight into the “specific” diet that treats diabetes.

The dietary treatment method outlined in Diabetes Freedom comes from one James Freeman – a Japan-based medical professor and a pioneer of diabetes research in the country, according to the VSL. The VSL states that professor Freeman is an adherent of the Japanese approach to treat diabetes starting from its root cause. This is unlike the US where doctors heavily use medicine to only relieve symptoms of the disease.

The soundness of the US healthcare system is well beyond the scope of this article. You may agree or disagree with the statements in the VSL – all that matters to us now is that Diabetes Freedom aims to help readers treat type 2 diabetes through diet.

The Scientific Accuracy Of Diabetes Freedom’s Claims

A person holding a lab flask.

Diabetes Freedom makes 3 noteworthy claims:

  • Type 2 diabetes is reversible.
  • Diet can treat type 2 diabetes.
  • Ceramides cause or are at least correlated with type 2 diabetes.

Let’s try to figure out if these claims are true.

Is type 2 diabetes reversible through dieting?

According to WebMD, some people can indeed reverse type 2 diabetes, though the condition cannot be cured completely [1]. You may be able to reduce blood sugar levels and maintain them at a healthy level through dieting and weight loss. Some people may see no diabetes symptoms for years without medication if they keep consistently controlling their blood sugar.

The British Diabetic Association adds that while the word “reversal” makes remission sound permanent, there’s no guarantee that symptoms won’t reoccur [2].

Weight loss is the primary driver of type 2 diabetes reversal, according to WebMD and Healthline [3]. Both exercise and diet may be necessary for weight loss. When it comes to diets, low-carb diets appear to be particularly effective [4].

Also, a 2017 study published in Physiological Reports found that a diet high in fruit and vegetables can reduce levels of C24:0 ceramide – a ceramide known to inhibit proper insulin action [5].

So all in all, Diabetes Freedom’s claims that type 2 diabetes is reversible via diet changes are backed up by research.

Ceramides and type 2 diabetes

What about ceramides?

Well, high levels of ceramides appear to increase insulin resistance, Medical News Today writes with reference to a study published in the Cell scientific journal [6][7].

Normally, when people overeat, some of the excess fat is either burned for energy or stored. But in some cases, excess fat turns into ceramides. When the level of ceramides in the body gets too high, fat “overspills” into blood vessels, the heart, or goes on to damage peripheral tissues.

Studies on mice showed that extra ceramides in fat cells made them insulin-resistant and unable to burn calories. Mice with high ceramide levels were also more likely to develop fatty liver disease or diabetes.

This aligns with what Diabetes Freedom’s VSL described.

Medical News Today also points out that ceramides have been linked to diabetes in three ways – they increase insulin resistance, reduce insulin gene expression, and cause the death of pancreatic beta cells.

Is Diabetes Freedom Legit? Does Diabetes Freedom Really Work?

A question mark illustration.

Diabetes Freedom appears to be legit – the theses in its VSL seem to be backed up by research. It should therefore be able to help you treat type 2 diabetes.

Does this mean that Diabetes Freedom will reverse your condition? Not necessarily – a lot of individual factors may be at play. However, with or without Diabetes Freedom, you should start acting fast if you suspect type 2 diabetes.

Control of blood sugar level via physical activity and dieting appears to be the key to treating this form of diabetes. In some cases, insulin injections may be necessary as well, but you won’t need any medications if you successfully lower your blood sugar and keep it at healthy levels.

You should probably also consult your doctor before doing anything.

To treat diabetes, you need to make major changes in your lifestyle. Diabetes Freedom may help you get started.

General Information About Type 2 Diabetes

Since Diabetes Freedom is aimed at helping readers treat type 2 diabetes, we should also quickly overview this disease. In case you suspect you have diabetes but don’t know what to do, the info below should help you get started.

What Is Type 2 Diabetes?

There are two main types of diabetes, according to Healthline – type 1 and type 2 [8]. In both diabetes types, the body has issues with regulating sugar levels in the blood. High blood sugar levels can lead to disorders of the immune, nervous, and circulatory systems [9].

People with type 1 diabetes don’t produce sufficient amounts of insulin due to the lack of beta cells in the pancreas.

In contrast, type 2 diabetes is characterized by insulin resistance – a condition that makes cells unable to properly use insulin. Later on, people with this form of diabetes often become unable to produce adequate amounts of insulin.

Notably, type 2 diabetes typically develops in middle-aged and older adults, while type 1 diabetes commonly develops in young people. However, both types of diabetes can develop at any age.

What Are The Causes Of Type 2 Diabetes?

WebMD writes that type 2 diabetes is caused by a combination of factors [10]:

  • Genes. Specific areas of DNA may affect how the body produces insulin.
  • Extra weight. Extra weight or obesity can lead to insulin resistance, especially for people that carry extra pounds around their waist.
  • Metabolic syndrome. According to WebMD, people who have insulin resistance often suffer from several conditions, including high cholesterol & triglycerides, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and extra fat around the waist.
  • Excess glucose production by the liver. The liver secretes extra glucose when your blood sugar level is low. Once blood sugar goes back up after eating, the liver normally stops producing glucose and starts saving it up for later. But in some cases, the liver keeps pumping out glucose.
  • Poor communication between cells. Inadequate communication between cells could affect how your body produces and uses glucose and insulin, leading to diabetes.
  • Damaged beta cells. Blood sugar levels fluctuate abnormally if beta cells produce the wrong amount of insulin at the wrong time. In the long term, excessive blood sugar can damage beta cells.

There also are a number of risk factors for type 2 diabetes [9][10]:

  • Age. The risk of type 2 diabetes is especially high after the age of 45.
  • Weight. Obesity and extra weight are the primary risk factors for type 2 diabetes, according to Mayo Clinic.
  • Fat distribution. People with fat mainly in their abdomen rather than the hips or thighs are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes. Mayo Clinic writes that men and women with a waist circumference above 40 and 35 inches respectively have an increased risk of getting type 2 diabetes.
  • Inactivity. Physical activity allows you to use up glucose as energy, makes the cells more sensitive to insulin, and helps you control your weight.
  • Family history. People with parents or siblings with diabetes are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes.
  • Race and ethnicity. Asian, Alaska Native, Native American, Black, Hispanic people, as well as Pacific Islanders are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes than white people.
  • Blood lipid levels. Low levels of HDL (high-density lipoprotein, or “good”) cholesterol and high levels of triglycerides are associated with an increased risk of type 2 diabetes.
  • Prediabetes. In prediabetes, blood sugar level is higher than normal but lower than what is considered diabetes. If untreated, prediabetes often progresses into type 2 diabetes.
  • Pregnancy-related risks. Women who have developed gestational diabetes or gave birth to a baby weighing more than 9 pounds are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes.
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome. Women with this condition have an increased risk of type 2 diabetes.
  • Areas of darkened skin. Darkened skin – especially in the armpits and on the neck – are often indicative of insulin resistance.

The Symptoms Of Type 2 Diabetes

The symptoms of type 2 diabetes are as follows [9][10]:

  • Increased thirst and hunger.
  • Frequent urination.
  • Unexpected weight loss.
  • Blurred vision.
  • Fatigue.
  • Recurring yeast infections.
  • Frequent infections, slow-healing sores, and areas of darkened skins (typically on the neck and in the armpits).
  • Numbness or tingling in the hands or feet.

If you have any of these signs and suspect type 2 diabetes, you should start acting now. First off, you should probably go see a doctor.

Is Diabetes Freedom A Scam?

No, the Diabetes Freedom product is definitely not a “scam”. It is an information product sold on the Clickbank marketplace.

Clickbank is large online commerce company based in Boise, Idaho that has achieved popularity as an alternative to the Silicon Valley “big tech” behemoths that dominate the tech industry.

It allows content creators and their affiliates to market products simply and easily online.

Diabetes Freedom utilizes the Clickbank marketplace for hosting and fulfillment.

The fact that the product is sold via Clickbank means two things: 1) it will come with a money-back guarantee, and 2) it has a low level of returns, as Clickbank won’t continue to sell products that elicit a large number of returns.

This- coupled with the massive success of the Diabetes Freedom program- suggests that the vast majority of purchasers are happy with their purchase, and that the program is not a “scam”.

Conclusion: Should You Try The Diabetes Freedom Program?

The Diabetes Freedom program has helped millions of people learn how to manage diabetes more effectively.

Given its popularity, and given that it has a healthy refund policy if you aren’t happy with your purchase, we think there is no harm at all in buying the Diabetes Freedom program, and probably many benefits.

Just remember that at the end of the day, your health is your responsibility. Whether you choose to utilize the Diabetes Freedom program to assist in your fight against diabetes or not, make sure to take good care of yourself both physically and mentally, as everyone deserves the benefits of good health!

Here is the link to the official Diabetes Freedom website.



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