Beautiful Wood & 3D-Printed Settlers Of Catan Boards


One of the most successful board games of all time, Settlers of Catan helps one unleash the inner strategist and trader.

Klaus Teuber’s game – who, by the way, had been a dental technician before his success with Catan – has triggered long-lasting craze among millions of players worldwide. Some people are so passionate about this game that they collect boards – not so much to play as to show their affection for the game!

If you are also looking for a fancy Settlers of Catan board – whether handmade, crafted of wood, or 3D printed – read on to find a few suggestions from us below!

Settlers Of Catan Custom Hardwood Game Board

A view of the hardwood Catan board.

This custom Catan game board from ThinkingMonk on Etsy is a fine choice if you want an eye-catching board that doesn’t hit your wallet really hard. The set is 2 to 3 times more expensive than the standard board, but it’s not as big-budget as some of the most sophisticated and high-quality boards out there.

ThinkingMonk’s set is based on gorgeous hardwood. No plywood is used – only solid hardwood that is dyed to reveal the natural grain. The board and pieces are also laser-engraved for striking appearance and durability. To protect your furniture and the set itself, the pieces feature soft felt backing.

A view of the hardwood Catan board.

This wooden set is available in 3 sizes (2-4, 2-6, and 5-6 players) and features a number of optional add-ons. Most remarkably, you may purchase stylish leather player pouches with genuine gemstone beads.

A similar 5-6-player set can be found on Amazon, by the way. This one also boasts laser-engraved pieces and hardwood construction (birch, to be more precise).

Both wooden Catan sets are compatible with the standard Settlers of Catan.

3D Settlers Of Catan Board Set

The low-poly Catan board assembled.

This 3D printed Settlers of Catan board set is actually cheaper than the ThinkingMonk hardwood set, but it has a curious style that not everybody may like. We absolutely love the low-poly design for its simplicity and sleekness, but some of you may very much prefer the more high-detail style of other sets.

Crafted and sold by GOAT3DCreations, the 3D printed Catan edition is available for 3-4 and 5-6 players. You may also choose the set to be painted or unpainted, with the latter significantly cheaper. If you feel particularly artsy, you may get the unfinished version to add a custom flair to the board and, at the same time, save money.

Settlers Of Catan Artisan Game Board

The high-detail 3D printed custom Catan board.

Finally, if you are willing to splurge out on what is perhaps the most gorgeous Catan board in existence, this handmade 3D set from MintajeDesigns may be a delightful choice.

The set features an insane amount of detail and flashing colors that accentuate the subtle changes in the board’s and pieces’ texture. Each set is original and unique as well, with no two boards being alike.

Note that unlike the previous sets, this one only includes the board – other Catan pieces need to be purchased separately, if you don’t already have them.

The high-detail 3D printed custom Catan board.


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