How Much Does The Custom Keto Diet Cost? Is It Legit?


Have all your efforts to burn fat through diet been in vain? With the Custom Keto Diet, you may finally be able to achieve your goal!The homepage of the Custom Keto Diet website.

Authored by Rachel Roberts, the Custom Keto Diet promises a pathway to:

  • Quick fat loss.
  • Improved health.
  • Little to no cravings.

The program also stresses that you won’t need to ditch your favorite food items from your menu to lose fat.

Are these claims credible, or is the Custom Keto Diet yet another scam?

Short answer – the Custom Keto Diet seems to be legit! For the long, detailed answer, read our full Custom Keto Diet review!

What Is The Custom Keto Plan?

The Custom Keto Diet is a personalized diet plan that is based on ketosis – a state that the body enters when low on glucose. We’ll have a look at how keto or ketogenic diets work in a moment.

The Custom Keto Diet includes the following items:

  • An 8-week meal plan designed with the aid of nutritionists, personal trainers, and chefs.
  • Calorie and macro intake recommendations customized to fit your circumstances and goals.
  • A diversified meal plan that is tailored to your personal food preferences.
  • Tips for deeper meal customization and planning.
  • Step-by-step recipe instructions.
  • A downloadable shopping list to help you plan your trips to the grocery store.

How Does The Custom Keto Diet Work?

How does the Custom Keto Diet work exactly? Before your hand starts reaching for your wallet, you should roughly understand the basics of keto.

Ketosis – the basis of the Custom Keto Diet

Keto vs low-fat diet over several weeks.
Weight loss over about a month, keto vs low-fat diet.

As mentioned earlier, the Custom Keto Diet relies on ketosis (or keto). Ketosis is a metabolic state that occurs when the body doesn’t receive enough carbohydrates from food to generate glucose as fuel for the body [1]. Instead, in ketosis, the body starts relying on its existing fat deposits to produce ketone bodies as a replacement for glucose.

Ketosis is typically associated with very low-carb and high-fat diets, but it can also happen during pregnancy, fasting, starvation, and infancy.

Once you switch to a keto diet, your levels of insulin go down, and fatty acids from your body fat get released into the blood in large amounts. Many of these fatty acids are transported to the liver where they get oxidized and converted into ketone bodies (ketones) to serve as an energy source.

Remarkably, unlike fatty acids, ketones can cross the protective blood-brain barrier and take care of the brain’s energy needs. This is one of the reasons why ketosis is a sustainable condition for the human body.

Some areas of the brain still need glucose, but the body takes care of this by producing glucose from protein and other sources.

Healthline writes that for ketosis to occur, one generally needs to consume fewer than 50 grams of carbs per day (though this may be very individual). To do this, you may have to remove or cut back on grains, candies, potatoes, legumes, fruit, and other high-carb food items.

According to WebMD, for healthy people who aren’t pregnant and don’t have diabetes, ketosis occurs after 3-4 days of eating fewer than 50 grams of carbohydrates per day [2].

To support your body in ketosis, you will also need to consume high amounts of fat and moderate amounts of protein. This may sound counterintuitive – especially if you want to lose fat – but you need fat in ketosis for energy. Besides, since the body uses fat as fuel in ketosis, the high intake of fat is counteracted.

Benefits of keto diets

Amount of fat burnt, keto vs low-fat diet.
The amount of fat burnt per minute, keto vs low-fat diet.

Healthline points out a number of health benefits of keto diets (with references to several studies) [3]:

  1. Appetite reduction, allowing you to eat less and further amplify the effects of your diet.
  2. Rapid weight loss in the first week or two. Compared to conventional low-fat diets, low-carb diets sometimes result in 2-3 times higher weight loss without hunger. One study found that a low-carb diet is particularly effective in obese adults for up to six months [4]. After that, the weight loss difference between conventional and low-carb diets gets insignificant. So in the long term, low-carb and low-fat diets have similar benefits, but keto diets allow for rapid fat loss early on.
  3. Significant fat reduction in the belly.
  4. Decreased risk of heart disease thanks to the lowered level of triglycerides.
  5. Increased levels of “good” HDL (high-density lipoprotein) cholesterol, which lowers the risk of heart disease.
  6. Reduced blood sugar and insulin levels, which can be very helpful for people with insulin resistance and diabetes.
  7. Reduced blood pressure, which could reduce the risk of stroke, kidney failure, and heart diseases.
  8. Relief or even reversal of the symptoms of metabolic syndrome, including low HDL cholesterol levels, elevated blood pressure & fasting blood sugar levels, abdominal obesity, and high triglycerides.
  9. Improved levels of “bad” LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol, which decreases the risk of heart disease.
  10. Treatment or relief of brain disorders like epilepsy.

Additionally, keto diets may be very beneficial for endurance athletes (such as long-distance cyclists or marathon runners) after a period of adaptation (which can be several months) [5]. However, athletes in high-intensity and short-duration sports disciplines may see a decrease in their performance.

Also, you can find many links to studies on the effects of keto diets on the Custom Keto Diet program’s web page.

The benefits of ketosis do sound compelling, but you should also know that during the first week or so of your transition to keto, you may experience temporary side effects like [2]:

  • Headache.
  • Nausea.
  • Fatigue.
  • Irritability.
  • Constipation.
  • Dizziness.
  • Cramps.

These and a number of other symptoms are collectively referred to as the “keto flu”. The “keto flu” goes away in a matter of weeks, but it can make the switch challenging.

No matter your goals, you should consult your doctor before making the jump to keto. The switch can and most likely will be worth it, but you should take into account your unique circumstances before making such a drastic decision.

Why You Should Consider The Custom Keto Diet

"Common fat loss mistakes" headline.

Custom Keto Diet author Rachel Roberts opines that the nutrition industry is “hopelessly broken” because it’s filled with myths, scams, and flat-out lies about ways to achieve health and beauty.

To support her view, Roberts writes (with a reference to a study) that 71.6% of Americans aged 20 and up are overweight.

Then, Roberts adds that getting into fantastic shape isn’t as difficult as “nutrition and fitness ‘gurus’” may lead us to believe. Commonly, people can’t lose fat and improve their health because:

  • They are not in a calorie deficit. According to Roberts, some industry “experts” state that losing weight is all about controlling the type of food one consumes. In reality, no matter what kind of food you eat, a calorie deficit is what’s needed for fat loss. To support this, Roberts cites a case study by Kansas State University Professor Mark Haub who lost 27 pounds and reduced his body fat from 33.4% to 24.9% in two months while eating sugar-heavy food but maintaining an energy deficit of 800 calories [6].
  • They overestimate the benefits of severe calorie restriction. Harsh diets can be counterintuitive because the body may think that you are stranded with no food. As a result, your body will attempt to prevent weight loss by readjusting metabolism. So even if you do lose weight initially, as soon as you stop your diet, the body will build its fat deposits back up to prepare for the next round of starvation.
  • They think that all calories are equal. Weight loss and fat loss don’t always occur at the same time. To achieve the latter, you may need to cut carbs and reduce the levels of insulin. Elevated insulin levels block the release of fat from fat cells, making fat loss much more challenging. High insulin levels are also a key factor in weight gain [7].
  • They follow an unrealistically restrictive diet. Restrictive diets are hard to follow because they often unnecessarily lack enjoyable meals. If you don’t like your diet, you are likely to stop following it after some time.

The Custom Keto Diet plan aims to solve these issues by:

  • Helping you enter ketosis and therefore achieve the benefits we’ve talked about earlier.
  • Providing you with a diet plan customized to your dietary needs, preferences, as well as your current body condition.
  • Allowing you to eat your favorite foods without compromising your fat loss progress.

Getting Started With Your Custom Keto Diet Plan

If you do choose to get the Custom Keto Diet program, you will first need to take a short quiz – so that you can get a meal plan personalized for you.

First up, you’ll need to choose your sex:

The first step in the quiz is to choose your sex.

Then, you’ll be asked to select your current daily activity level:

Next, you choose your activity level.

Next, you will select the types of meat you would want to have in your diet:

Then, you choose the varieties of meat you would want to have in your diet.

And then vegetables:

You also choose desired veggies.

If you have other food preferences, you’ll be able to select them on the next step:

If you have other food items you want to keep, select them here.

Finally, type in your body measurements and target weight:

Finally, you need to enter your body measurements.

You’ll see a bunch of introductory recommendations based on you answers, like recommended daily calories, fats, protein, and carbs.

The tool shows you introductory dietary recommendations based on your answers.

On the same screen, scroll toward the bottom of the page to order your customized keto diet plan.

How Much Does The Custom Keto Diet Cost?

The typical cost of the Custom Keto Diet program appears to be $97, but it was discounted to $37 at the time of this overview’s writing. The payment is one-time, and the Custom Keto Diet has no hidden fees or recurrent subscriptions. You pay once and get lifetime access to your meal plan.

For what it offers, the Custom Keto Diet should be well-worth the $37 price tag (and perhaps even $97, if you are unlucky enough not to catch the discount). But even if it doesn’t work out for you, the program is covered by a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Is The Custom Keto Diet Legit?

Custom Keto Diet plan reviews online appear to be extremely positive. Additionally, the benefits of ketosis and keto diets have been researched heavily, so there’s no doubt that the Custom Keto Diet is based on an actually working formula.

You may look up studies and medical journals for more info on the benefits and the inner workings of ketogenic diets – there is plenty of credible info out there.

Because the Custom Keto Diet is customized to the needs of each buyer, you should have no issues with losing body fat and improving your health with it. You may need to tweak some things here and there, but the built-in templates will likely be more than good enough.

This diet program is easy to follow as well – particularly thanks to Custom Keto Diet recipes.

Once you switch to a ketogenic diet and (hopefully) see results, you should stick to it in the long run. The Custom Keto Diet will help you with the first 8 weeks, setting the foundation to allow you to take the next steps on your own.

Special Discount: Try The Custom Keto Plan For 1$!

If you are interested in the Custom Keto Plan, there’s a $1 trial available. Give it a shot – a keto diet could very well be the fat loss solution you’ve been looking for!

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*All images on this post are from the Custom Keto Diet website or are ‘Free To Use Or Share’ images.
*This page should be interpreted as health or diet advice. Always consult with your physician before making any-health related decisions.
*Note: This page contains links to companies we have an affiliate relationship with. To find out how such partnerships support the site, check out our Disclaimer page.
*We are aware of no scientific studies done specifically on the Custom Keto Diet or its efficacy.



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