Culver’s Senior Discount Info (+ Ways To Save!)


Is there a Culver's Senior Discount Policy?
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Do you absolutely love the frozen custard at Culver’s? Well then make sure to read the below guide to find out what money-saving options there are at the beloved restaurant chain!

Does Culver’s Have Any Senior Discounts?

Culver’s doesn’t have *official* nationwide senior discount programs as per their official website, but some locations may drop a few percent off seniors’ purchases.

A number of third parties – such as Senior Citizen Discount List and – claim that Culver’s offers 10% off for seniors aged over 60. However, you should call your nearest Culver’s to find out whether they indeed have senior discounts.

First Quarter Finance also writes that Culver’s knocks the price down by 10% for veterans and military members. But again, you should call your local Culver’s for confirmation.

Culver’s locations are operated by independent franchisees, so you may see that prices and deals noticeably vary from restaurant to restaurant. That’s why you should get in touch with your local Culver’s – no one will tell you more accurate information on prices and deals than them.

Other Ways To Save With Culver’s

In addition to the above, here are a few more tips for saving with Culver’s.

Sign up for MyCulver’s member program

MyCulver’s members get access to an email newsletter, special deals, and an early peek into Flavor of the Day forecasts. Flavor of the Day, if you didn’t know, is a program where Culver’s periodically offers Frozen Custards – one of the most famous food items at Culver’s – with unique and delicious flavors.

Buy kid’s meals

Sticking to kid’s meals is also a good idea if you want to save a few cents. Kid’s meals not only cost less but also have fewer calories. If a kid’s meal is enough to fill your belly, why even bother with bigger food items?

Sometimes, kid’s meals also come with a coupon for a free scoop of frozen custard. Be sure to check the meal bags for coupons before throwing them away! You may use these for your future visits.

Oh and by the way, some Culver’s locations may also accept expired Culver’s coupons. Your coupons won’t necessarily be accepted, but you should still try to redeem them.

Purchase gift cards during holidays

Gift card purchases during holidays may land you coupons as well. If you are close to a holiday and are thinking of buying a gift card at Culver’s, hold off for a bit (if your reasons for buying a gift card allow that, of course).

Fill out the surveys from your purchase receipts

With some of your Culver’s purchase receipts, you may be invited to participate in an online survey. Once you do complete the survey, you may receive a coupon for a free scoop of frozen custard or whatnot.


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