Does Cracker Barrel Have A Senior Discount?


A Cracker Barrel location in Texas.
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Cracker Barrel is enormously popularespecially with seniors…

But that raises the question:

Does Cracker Barrel Have A Senior Discount Policy?

Unfortunately the answer seems to be ‘no’.

Cracker Barrel is one of those singular restaurant chains that don’t seem to have any official discounts. According to the FAQ page of Cracker Barrel, the company doesn’t offer discounts or coupons to guests “in an effort to provide food and merchandise of the highest quality and value for the money“.

Cracker Barrel used to offer a discounted senior menu, but it doesn’t now.

With that being the case, we must sadly report that Cracker Barrel doesn’t seem to have any nationwide discount policies for seniors.

Are There No Ways To Save With Cracker Barrel?

The discount policy of Cracker Barrel – or rather, the lack thereof – is underwhelming, but this doesn’t mean that there aren’t other ways to save money with them!

First up, Cracker Barrel does sometimes run promotions, like Bonus Cards. In 2020, Cracker Barrel offered Bonus Cards as a holiday season deal. With the purchase of each Heat n’ Serve meal, Cracker Barrel gave customers a Bonus Card valued at around $10. So you could definitely use these Bonus Cards toward your future purchases to save money.

This particular deal may not be live when you see this post, but there may be other similar ones available. No matter what, you should keep an eye out for promotions like this one – as they happen quite frequently.

According to Cracker Barrel’s FAQ page, corporate or bulk purchases of more than $1,000 are also eligible for discounts. This isn’t the kind of deal you can make use of on an everyday basis, but it could help you save a noticeable lump of money in case you do need to buy a lot of stuff for a party or a company retreat.

If you are going to order anything from Cracker Barrel online, also know that orders over $100 are eligible for free shipping. This only applies to Standard shipping – expedited shipping isn’t free regardless of the purchase amount.

If you don’t qualify for free Standard shipping, then you should try to keep your orders smaller, if possible. This is because shipping gets more expensive with higher-value orders. With Standard shipping, here are the shipping fees:

  • $6.99 for orders $0 to $25.00.
  • $10.99 for orders $25.01 to $50.00.
  • $13.99 for orders $50.01 to $75.00.
  • $16.99 for orders $75.01 to $100.00.
  • Free for orders over $100.00.

But do note that with larger purchases, shipping gets more cost-effective. So if you need a lot of stuff, try to buy it all in one go.

These were the official ways for you to save money with Cracker Barrel. Aside from these, you could also call your nearby Cracker Barrel and ask them if they have any senior discounts. You probably shouldn’t expect to get an affirmative answer, but inquiring won’t hurt you.

Does Cracker Barrel Offer Military Or Veteran Discounts?

We’ve also come across a few third-party websites claiming that Cracker Barrel has military discounts.

Veterans Advantage, for example, claims that some locations offer 20% to 30% off if you show your military ID. And according to, Cracker Barrel offered veterans a complimentary slice of Double Chocolate Fudge Coca-Cola Cake on Veterans Day.

We weren’t able to find anything regarding military and veteran discounts on Cracker Barrel’s website, so take third-party info with a grain of salt. Hopefully your local branch will offer these military discounts, but its always good to call ahead and check beforehand.


It is unfortunate Cracker Barrel doesn’t have a senior discount policy, however, they are so immensely popular that we’re sure they’ll stay successful even without one 🙂



PS – Are you among the small minority of folks who have never been to a Cracker Barrel?? Check out the video below to see what you’re missing!



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