Is There A Cinemark Senior Day/Discount?


Is there a Cinemark senior discount?
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Is There A Cinemark Senior Day?

Cinemark does have a senior day, but it varies from theater to theater. To find out more, select your nearest theater from the Senior Day Theatres list, find its number in the Theatre Info tab, and give the theater a call.

According to the AARP, Cinemark offers up to 35% off for visitors aged 60+ on Senior Day. But again, savings may vary between locations, so calling is your best option.

On Senior Day, eligible visitors get discounts on any movie all day. However, there are some exclusions – more specifically, tickets for Cinemark XD, Xtreme, IMAX, and Special Engagements.

Other Ways To Save With Cinemark

In case there is no Senior Day at any of your local theaters, there are many other ways to save with Cinemark. You can find all active promotions on the Cinemark website. Below are brief descriptions of the most notable offers.

Cinemark Movie Club & Movie Fan perks

First up, consider signing up for the Cinemark Movie Club. Some of the benefits members get are:

  • Credit for one 2D ticket per month. Unused tickets roll over to the next month.
  • 20% off snacks.
  • Reward points that may be used toward future purchases.
  • Waived online fees.
  • Extra savings on Discount Tuesdays.

Movie Club membership costs $9.99 per month.

There also is the free Movie Fan membership. This one lacks some of the perks of Movie Club, like 20% off snacks, waived online fees, or ticket rollover.

Early Bird

In Early Bird Theatres, the first matinee showtime of the day that starts before 1 PM is available at a discounted price, every single day. Terms apply.

Discount Tuesdays

Tickets for showtimes on Tuesdays are available at discounted prices. Movie Club & Movie Fan members get extra savings.

Military Discount

Military discounts are available at some locations to visitors with a valid military ID. Active Duty, Active Reserved, retired, or dependents are eligible.


Also, make sure to check out Cinemark’s YouTube channel for the latest news and trailers. We’re particularly excited about the Tom & Jerry movie coming out in 2021 – hopefully, it’s good!



Interesting facts about Cinemark:

  • As of February 2020, Cinemark was the third-largest cinema circuit in the United States, with 4,630 locations.
  • In 2020, Cinemark and Universal Pictures signed an agreement allowing movies to become available on digital rental services after 17 to 31 days of theatrical release.
  • Cinemark may be looking to acquire some of AMC Theatres’ locations that have shut down in 2020. AMC Theatres was the largest movie theater chain in the US as of February 2021.



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