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A jar with the gunpowder-scented soy candle.

Gunpowder Scented Candle (Really!)

By EarthsEssenceNC on Etsy. We like weird and interesting things, like super-hot tortilla chips that threaten to burn your mouth or brutally difficult jigsaw puzzles. But what we are going to talk about below is perhaps the coolest ‘bizarre product’ we’ve seen – at least, so far. Meet a gunpowder-scented candle from a seller under …

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sample ecosphere image

Incredible Self-Sustaining Ecosphere

Here’s another fun item we couldn’t help but show to our readers! The EcoSphere closed aquatic ecosystem is a wonder of nature and science. Based on NASA research, it requires very little maintenance and has everything needed inside for living organisms to thrive. To create this self-balancing world enclosed in a glass ball, EcoSphere – …

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