Is There A Busch Gardens Senior Discount?


Does Busch Gardens have a senior discount?

Is There A Busch Gardens Senior Discount?

Busch Gardens doesn’t appear to have a senior discount program. Some online sources claim that seniors aged 50 and more get $3 to $5 off when presenting their ID at the gate, but there is no official information to confirm or deny this.

But fortunately for senior visitors, Busch Gardens offers plenty of other ways to save!

First up, check out ticket prices – Busch Gardens offers discounted tickets very often. Make sure to choose the correct location, be it the Tampa, FL, park or the Williamsburg, VA, park.

Do note that offers may vary between the parks. For example, the Williamsburg park had a 30% Spring Sale at the moment of this post’s writing.

Some of the savings avaialble at the Williamsburg Busch Gardens.

You get better deals when buying tickets for multiple parks (Tampa) or days (Williamsburg).

Busch Gardens also allows you to purchase annual passes for unlimited visits for the duration of your membership (terms apply, of course). Both Tampa and Williamsburg locations have annual passes.

At a glance, here are the benefits you get with an annual pass:

  • Unlimited admissions for 12 months.
  • Free guest tickets.
  • Free parking.
  • Discounts for in-park services.

Keep in mind that there may be some subtle differences between Tampa and Williamsburg passes. For example, Tampa passes are billed on an annual basis, while Williamsburg passes are billed either annually or monthly, depending on what you choose.

As an alternative to an annual pass, you may get a Fun Card (Tampa and Williamsburg have separate Fun Cards). Fun Cards offer unlimited visits for a limited time (typically about 6 months), but their set of benefits is much more limited than in annual passes.

Busch Gardens offers hotel/vacation packages (Tampa and Williamsburg) too with benefits like unlimited park visits for a number of days along with food and parking discounts.

Finally, check out military discounts – both Tampa and Williamsburg locations have them. But do keep in mind that there are significant differences between the discount terms – most importantly, the Tampa location only offers discounts to active military members, while Williamsburg has discounts for both active and passive members.


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