Full Blimpie Menu – Senior Discount [Full Info]


A Blimpie location.

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If you are looking for senior discounts at Blimpie, you might be disappointed – Blimpie doesn’t seem to have any nationwide senior discount policies at the moment of this post’s writing, at least not on an official, national level.

We did come across one source claiming that seniors aged 60+ get a discount at Blimpie locations in certain states. But you’ll need to call your local Blimpie ahead for more details – since most Blimpie locations are franchise-operated (according to Wikipedia), prices, deals, and discount policies may vary.

Many local proprietors love giving senior discounts though, so it’s always worth calling ahead and checking. Or just inquire when you are already at Blimpie – some locations may not give any discounts unless you ask for them directly.

Blimpie may not have official deals for seniors nationwide, but they have another way of saving – coupons. You can sign up for the Blimpie eClub to earn rewards and get notified when a new coupon becomes available. Once you do get your hands on a coupon, you just need to show it at a participating location to get a discount.

You may also save money by ordering combo meals. At the moment of this post’s writing, Blimpie offered a sub plus a drink, chips, or a cookie for $6. Check out your local Blimpie’s menu to find more combo deals – availability may vary between locations.


Interesting facts about Blimpie:

  • It takes between $74,780 to $422,200 (excluding real estate costs and fees) to become a Blimpie franchisee.
  • Tony Conza – one of the three co-founders of Blimpie – came up with the name Blimpie after looking through a dictionary and realizing that “blimp” represented the shape and large size of his sandwiches 🙂


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