Does AutoZone Price Match? Offer Senior Discounts? Coupons?


An AutoZone location.
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Looking to save money on car care? AutoZone promotions might interest you! Read on to find out what kind of deals you can get with them!

Does AutoZone Price Match?

As far as we are aware, AutoZone doesn’t have any price match policies listed on its website or officially given. However, Price Match Magazine claims that AutoZone does indeed price-match its products, although with some limitations:

  • AutoZone will only price-match with selected companies.
  • AutoZone will not price-match products purchased online.
  • You’ll need proof of the lower price, such as an ad. This is a standard thing for price matching policies, so nothing surprising here.

You should get in touch with your local AutoZone and ask them if they have a price matching policy.

Is There An AutoZone Senior Discount?

AutoZone doesn’t seem to have an official senior discount program either. Again though, you should probably call your nearest AutoZone and ask them, as individual branches may offer senior discounts even if there is no official corporate policy on them.

Are There AutoZone Coupons Or Other Ways To Save?

Even if a local AutoZone refuses to price match and/or doesn’t have senior discounts, you can still save money with them.

Perhaps the best way to save with AutoZone is coupons. Coupons vary from location to location, so you’ll need to check what a local shop offers. You may easily do so via the coupons page on AutoZone’s website. Just select your location and view available coupons.

Coupons offer savings like:

  • Percent-off discounts.
  • Reduced prices for full oil + filter changes.
  • Free shipping and/or next-day delivery.
  • Free vehicle testing.
  • Dollar rewards for signing up for the AutoZone Rewards program.

Speaking of Rewards, it gives frequent visitors a chance to save in the long term. Members earn a credit for every purchase of $20 or more and get a $20 Reward for every 5 credits. You may use your Reward dollars toward future purchases at AutoZone locations.

Likewise, check out rebates. If you purchase products eligible for a rebate, you’ll get a certain amount of cash back in the form of a Prepaid Mastercard or an AutoZone Gift Card. Some purchases make you eligible for participation in giveaways.

A car mechanic servicing a car.

Interesting facts about AutoZone:

  • AutoZone’s presence isn’t limited to just the US – it has stores in Mexico and Brazil as well. In total, there were over 5,000 locations across the three countries as of March 2019. By August 2020, AutoZone had grown even further, reaching over 6,500 locations.
  • As of February 2019, AutoZone was the second most popular auto accessory brand in the US. 63% of respondents spoke positively of AutoZone, while the first place belonged to Goodyear with 66%.
  • AutoZone has grown quite consistently over the years, bringing its annual revenue from about $9 billion to $11.22 billion between 2013 and 2018.


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