Is There An Arby’s Senior Discount?


Is there an Arby's Senior Discount?
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Does Arby’s Have A Senior Discount?

According to AARP, Arby’s does indeed have a senior discount. Arby’s offers 10% off, and some locations provide soft drink discounts. also states that Arby’s senior discount has an age requirement of 55 and up and that some locations offer a free drink.

Given the apparent discrepancies in available information about the Arby’s senior discount, you should get in touch with the closest Arby’s and ask them directly about senior deals. We suspect that the availability of discounts varies between locations.

Other Ways To Save With Arby’s?

No senior discounts at your local Arby’s? Don’t worry – you can still save with Arby’s deals!

To keep abreast of current promotions and discounts, you will need to sign up for Arby’s email list. The fact that you need to give your email to Arby’s to receive news of promotions is kind of a bummer, but on the other hand, you’ll be able to stay informed about Arby’s coupons, deals, and more.

Once you sign up, you’ll also get free fries and a soft drink with any signature sandwich purchase!

Arby’s Happy Hour is another promotion you should make use of. Happy Hour runs from 2 PM to 5 PM every day and offers a number of items – such as sliders, cookies, or shakes – for just $1.

The Happy Hour deal may be unavailable at some locations, so make sure to check with your local Arby’s beforehand.

Arby’s also regularly offers meals at big discounts. At the moment of this guide’s writing, Arby’s was running the 5 for $10 Classic Roast Beef and 2 for $6 Everyday Value promotions. These may not be live when you read this post – sign up for the Arby’s email list to receive the freshest info on upcoming discounts.

The 5 for $10 deal poster.

The 2 for $6 deal poster.

Also, if you are looking to buy gift cards in bulk, Arby’s gift cards come at a discount for corporate programs.


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