Is There A Senior Discount At Aldi?


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Looking to save money with Aldi as a senior?

There doesn’t appear to be any nationwide Aldi senior discount policies – at least, not in the United States or the UK – but they do run promotions occasionally that you may check out on their specials’ web page. Deals at Aldi vary from store to store, but the Aldi website allows you to view deals at a specific location.

Aldi offers the so-called Aldi Finds too – products available at a special price. You may get good deals on furniture, apparel, food items, pet supplies, and more.

What’s also nice about Aldi is that they list upcoming Aldi Finds, allowing you to plan ahead. Aldi updates the Finds every 6 days or so, so keep an eye on the website to catch the best discounts.

Promotions vary from country to country, so make sure to check out your local Aldi website.

Due to the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, since March 2020, Aldi stores in the US have additionally started dedicating the first hour after opening to senior citizens, expectant mothers, and people with health concerns on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

This policy doesn’t seem to include any special discounts for these visitors, but you could always ask to be sure.

In the UK, Aldi stores open 30 minutes prior to their usual opening times from Monday to Saturday for elderly and most vulnerable customers. According to the UK Aldi FAQ, these 30 minutes are for only browsing in England and Wales, while Scotland customers are allowed to buy products straight away.

Nearly all Aldi locations throughout the world have adopted similar rules, but you’ll need to check out local policies to be sure.


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