Which Airlines Offer Senior Discounts?


Which airlines offer senior discounts?

Of all the things, COVID-19 has perhaps affected the airline industry the most.

According to Statista, commercial airlines worldwide are predicted to have net losses of $84.3 billion post-COVID in 2020. In 2021, the net profit of commercial airlines around the world is projected to be -15.8 billion dollars.

The pandemic and its travel restrictions are likely to reshape the airline industry forever. However, in these trying times, some people still need to travel no matter what.

Fortunately, some airlines offer discounts for seniors even after the 2020 blowback.

Below, you’ll find some details on available discounts along with tips for saving on travel!


5 Airlines That Offer Senior Discounts

British Airways

British Airways offers the following discounts for AARP members:

  • $65 off for economy Standard (World Traveller) and premium economy (World Traveller Plus).
  • $200 off for business (Club World).

To get access to this offer, you must be an AARP member or travel with an AARP member. Joining AARP is a matter of minutes if you aren’t a member, and it only costs $12 for the first year ($16 per year after that).

There are some limitations that you should be aware of though, including:

  • The deal is available for bookings made by January 31, 2021. After that, the discounts may change.
  • Only travel originating from the US and US residents paying in US dollars are eligible for the discount.
  • Open-jaw journeys aren’t eligible for discounts – only round trips with the same origin and destination.
  • The offer can’t be combined with another discount or deal.

You can find more details under “Terms and Conditions” at the very bottom of the discount page. Make sure to go through the terms to understand when the discount does and does not apply and how to use it.

Air France

For flights within metropolitan France (excluding Paris-Corsica and Corsica-Paris travel), Air France offers senior discounts for travelers aged 65 or more.

Air France offers up to 30% off its fares within metropolitan France, as well as perks like one checked bag, ticket changes and refunds, and more.

To get access to this discount, you need to buy the Senior Pass membership that costs €59 per year. According to Air France, this fee pays off after the second round trip, though the calculation is based on a Standard return fare.

If you travel to France and within the country frequently, then the Air France Senior Pass membership might be a good purchase for you.

United Airlines

United offers discounts for customers aged 65 or more, but no details can be found on the airline’s website. United recommends that you ask for more details when making a reservation. You may also book under the “seniors” (age 65 or more) to get the deal.

Keep in mind that the availability of the discount may vary by destination and season as well.

Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines offers senior discounts as well, but they don’t share any information online. To get more info about the availability and terms of the discount, you should call 800-221-1212 to get in touch with a Delta customer support representative.

American Airlines

American Airlines appears to also have senior discounts, but their availability varies. To find good deals, you could use the American Airlines flight finder – here, you may select your age to hopefully get discounted fares.

Aside from that, you may call American Airlines. English speakers should call 800-433-7300.

More Tips For Saving On Flights

Senior discounts are an excellent way to save money on travel – however, they aren’t always the best. So you should keep your eyes open for other options as well.

Here’s what you may do to save more on travel:

  • Always check the fine print. Small details and restrictions may turn a seemingly great deal into a very costly endeavor for your needs.
  • Don’t limit yourself only to senior deals. Early reservations are often heavily discounted as well.
  • Be flexible with your flight dates. Sometimes, you can save hundreds of dollars by simply shifting your departure date.
  • Be choosy as to when to book a flight. Skyscanner has an amazing guide for selecting the best time to book flights – give it a good read to save money.
  • Sign up for airline deal alerts not to miss discounts.
  • Check out the airline’s fees. These days, airlines may charge for food, checked baggage, and more. To minimize the amount of money you have to pay on top of the ticket cost, research the airline and figure out how to optimize your spending.
  • Try to purchase vacation packages. AARP members may save up to $349 when booking flight + hotel packages.

And most importantly, check deals offered by local airlines. We’ve had a look at only 5 airlines, but it’s likely that you’ll find similar deals with many other companies.



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